Online and Telephone Counselling

Some clients may prefer to work together remotely, either online via video call or on the telephone. I am trained to offer this to both new and existing clients. You may wish to use it as an occasional alternative to face-to-face sessions (for example if you are away from home) or you may wish for all our sessions to be carried out online or on the telephone.

There are some additional considerations to take into account when working online or on the telephone. Some clients may find that working in this way is easier for them – either because they prefer the relative anonymity, or because it is practically more convenient for them to attend sessions from their home.

If you would like to work with me online or via the telephone, we will arrange an initial appointment via the telephone, which is free if you are a new client. I will send you some information to consider in advance of this appointment – I will ask for your email address so I can do this. Our conversation will be an opportunity for me to assess whether it is appropriate for us to work together online or via the telephone, and for you to ask any questions you may have for me. If we decide to work together we will agree how we will do so.